Thursday, 26 July 2012

One night in London.

I didn't have much time as I was stuck with the IT guy who ended up having to rebuild my computer, so it was 5:30pm by the time I got out of his office.......rush hour!

It was a beautiful day in London 26C and there seemed to be a really happy atmosphere due to the excitement of the Olympics.

So the Underground was hot and stuffy and jammed full of office workers. 13 years ago when we lived in London, people ignored each other by reading, not any more! Those days are over. Now they ignore you by looking at their mobile phone. It was so uncomfortably hot, that I got off earlier than I planned to. I got off at Westminster and as I was coming up the steps, the sun was shinning on Big Ben, it was truly a spectacular sight.

Across the Thames was the London Eye. I think we might have to save up and take the kids on it at some stage

Back on the tube and up to Piccadilly Circus. It hasn't changed, except for the signs. I then walked down to Leicester Square which is just as funky as ever. I had to have a Ben and Jerrey ice cream to bring back memories. I sat outside and people watched for a while.
In order to get as many sights ticked off, I walked down to Trafalgar Square. They had a countdown clock to the Olympics there was a big que of people waiting to have their photo taken but being tall and having long arms, I was able to take a photo over everyone with myself in it.

I made my way Dow to Buckingham Palace, which wasn't easy as the Mall was closed with military guarding it. After saying hello to the Queen, I made my way back through Green Park were there were hundreds of people out enjoying the warm evening and having a pick-nick.

I was very tired when I got back to my hotel, I decided to have a beer in the bar, then go up stairs and order a Steak and chips. To my horror they didn't have Steak on the room service menu, but when I asked, they said that they would be able to do one for me. It took forever to come and I was woken by the knock on the door. When he lifted the lid, there was a braised steak pie. I told him to take it back, he insisted that it would only take ten minute to correct the problem by I said I would be asleep in ten minutes, which I almost was until the phone rang and it was the manager making sure that I hadn't changed my mind and surly there was something that they could do for me......yes leave me alone!

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