Saturday, 28 July 2012

ATR Day One

I woke early due to some noisy neighbors and a sore back. So by 7am I decided that I had better go for a run. I ran along the canal past all the homeless until it was time to head back. I decided to take a shortcut but predictably I got lost in all the narrow ancient streets. I did get to have a good look at some of the sights.

I managed to convince ATR to send a driver to pick me up as I didn't think that I was ready to drive to work in peak hour traffic.

After a meeting with the contract manager I was taken to the delivery center where my office was. I met the Customer Delivery Manager, who seems nice. After lunch and then of course coffee ( or in my case tea), I went and had a look at our aircraft.

I was asked to do a couple of inspections, which was nice to actually do something that I am use to doing. I think that next time they may be a bit better prepared as I don't think they expected me to find as much as I did.

I went out to diner with some guys I had bumped into on my first day here. They are in the hotel next door. One of them is a Kiwi, who is now flying for Emirates, and they are here on an A380 course. We walked down to one of the squares with a lot of cafes outside. I had braised lamb shoulder which was really nice.

It started to rain on the way home, and by the time I got into my room, the lightening started. It was quite a show, unfortunately it played havoc with the TV reception so I was unable to watch the beginning of the opening of the Olympics.

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