Monday, 23 July 2012


The Hostess suggested that I should go through immigration and check back in, that way I can go to the Koruclub. I Told her that as iWas staff I wouldn't be able to get in. She said that they were really nice and she gave me a pass, but alas, no they would not let me in so I went through immigration (in wasn't too bad) and then back through security for nothing. I could have just gone to the transit lounge. Still it was good to get a feel of how things work in the US immigration and security. Man they are a paranoid bunch and having watched the hunger games on the way over, I felt that we were all being herded through and screened as if we were criminals. Looking forward to getting back on the plane, so that I can have a drink, watch a movie, pop a pill and go to sleep.

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