Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Looking for a Home.

I got picked up from the hotel by an agent who had organized a number of homes to have a look at.

This is a link of a Map I've made.

Toulouse houses

Not sure if it will work as I haven't linked a map before.

The first couple of houses were in Tournefeuille, a nice little village, not too far from the school.

The first house we saw was really nice.

It is on a nice big section and best of all has a pool.

It is close to the School, but not close to much else. The local village is a short drive away.

We saw a couple of apartments next. Both were brand new, but not really what we were after as they were quite small

The next house we had a look at, the agent didn't show, but we had a look around the outside, it had potential, but needed a lot of work and was far from the school

Next we ere in the country side. This house had a lovely view, but it was the most randomly put together house I have ever seen. As you walked in the front door you had to avoid the mezzanine floor

The master bedroom was nice, with a small room that had been converted into a walk in wardrobe. On the other side of the kitchen, that had a random bench jutting out, we're two kids rooms. In between these was a kids bathroom which they both opened onto.

On the other side of these rooms were 3 more rooms. Unfortunately, there was no way of getting to the other rooms with out going through one of the kids rooms.
This house was pretty unkept, and need a bit of work to bring it up to speed. It was 20 min from the kids school.

This next house was nice, but again, was 20 mins from the school. It was right in the middle of the village Fonsorbes. Again a big house with a pool.

All these house come unfurnished, so I now have to convince my boss that there are no better houses out her. The agents are pretty good, and if they say there are no more furnished houses worth looking at, well I believe them.

The last house doesn't have a pool but is in a nice area, apart from being far from school.

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  1. Ok so the link didn't work. You may have to copy and past this link into you web address bar.,1.309433&spn=0.255019,0.673599

  2. So did you choose one of these or are you still looking?

  3. have decided that house hunting from the other side of the world is hard work - just as well I trust you James. am probably keenest on the 1st house as it is closest to school. although do like the sound of a house in a village.