Thursday, 26 July 2012

Bienvenue à la France

The flight over to France went without too much trouble. The new terminal 5 at Heathrow is impressive. I had lunch at Wagammas which was nice.

Hot. That was my first impression of Toulouse. 36C. My bags made it all the way which was a bonus.

My driver met me and took me to my hotel. Once settled in to my hotel, I wanted to put some more money on a pre-paid phone that I was given, but the shop closed early so I missed out. Had a good look around though, what an amazing city with all the little squares and narrow streets teaming with people, scooters and cars.

At Wilson's Square, there was a Merry go round. The square was surrounded on all sides by cafes with seating out on the sidewalk. I decided it was time for dinner.

I eventually found a cafe that had an English menu. I ordered a steak and chips - medium rear. A couple of minutes later out it came - just cooked. I was wearing my All Black top and a Kiwi introduced himself who was a couple of tables over. It turns out that he is here in a training course at Airbus. He is working for Emirates.

Back to the hotel to collapse.
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  1. Great James keep up the postings, I wish I was there!
    Hope you settle in quickly. We are getting ready for the opening of the Olympic games but will kep in close touch with you, and Rachel.
    Love dad.and mum

  2. The carousel looks amazing. Penelope can't wait to have a ride on it!! She is wondering why you left her behind.
    jasper is so cool.

  3. Wow! love hearing all about it and seeing the photos. looks amazing. Catch up soon, love H,D,M & N xxx