Friday, 27 July 2012

First Day

What an amazing first day. There was so much to take in, it made my head hurt.

My day started with my driver taking me to the security centre to get my badge. This was rather painless and took a lot less time than expected.

It was then to the Periport which is the customer office block. I was met by my Customer Liaison Manager, Cathie, who is a lovely lady and speaks good English. She showed me my office, which was much bigger than I imagined. I was given a card which allowed me free food and drinks form the vending machines.

I was then given a car! What freaked me out was that I was to get it back to the hotel!

I followed Cathie in my car to the local shopping mall. There we tried to get me a Mobile, but I need a permanent residence in France before they will sign me up to a contract. I continued to have a look around the mall but I was fading fast and thought that I should attempt the drive home while I was still awake.

It was peak hour traffic when I made my way out of the shopping centre carpark ( which wasn't that easy). Thank goodness for GPS. Having a lot of traffic around actually made it easier as I didn't have to think about which side of the road to travel on.

Got to the hotel, changed went down to the restaurant for a quick bite and then back to my room to collapse .

Cathie left me to fend for myself at the mall. I went to the Hypermarket which is like a big supermarket, Warehouse and Harvey Norman all rolled into one.
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