Friday, 14 December 2012

The school christmas concert

For the last three weeks at school the children have been practising for the school christmas concert. They have had to do two performances, one on Tuesday night and then again last night both at 6.30pm. We are lucky in that as it has been split into juniors and seniors and all our three kids were all in the same show. On Tuesday night I dropped them off and wished them well and then last night we got to go and see them perform.

Getting ready for the show.

One girl in Penelope's class was sick so Penelope had to step in at the last minute and learn her lines which she did really well at. Hannah was in the three French play with her class and had lines to say. She did so well and was a little star. She loved being on the stage and did everything she was suppose to do - we are very proud.

Jasper also got to perform and had lines to say and sang and was in a dance.

On the stage.

I do love the school productions which are more about giving all the children a go rather then just letting a handful of children shine. Ouruhia was always very good at doing that as well.

Needless to say after three late nights in a row it was a bit of an effort to be out the door by 8am but James and the kids did it. The children do have a shorter day today which is nice as it is an open afternoon where parents are allowed into the school to have a look at the children's work from 3.30pm.

Am looking forward to a restful weekend and it is suppose to be a bit warmer - yah!

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  1. sounds fantastic...i sure the kids had a ball doing the plays and its good that they all got parts