Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Embracing French culture

It is amazing how much better life feels when the sun is shining.  Last week was so cold and even though we got out and about I was wondering how I was going to cope with three more months of this.  Plus I was cursing the decision to leave my lovely green woollen coat at home.  In my mind I thought that Toulouse had a similar temperature to Auckland in winter.  It doesn't, it can get very cold here definitely more like Christchurch.

After a frustrating week at work James decided to head out on his bike on Saturday morning.  He loved being able to get out and explore and the kids and I loved having pancakes and staying in our pj's until 11am.  A win win situation.  The best thing though was that one of the guys that has come over to help james deliver the plane bought us some requested treats from nz.  We got vegemite, peanut butter, marshmallow santas and the best thing of all, two bags of hummingbird coffee. I think I managed to have four cups in one sitting.  James then got a new tv as the one that belonged to the house had broken and we needed to replace it.  We bought a nice one for ourselves so we now have two with one being upstairs for the kids to watch movies on.

On Saturday night we went out to a lovely English families christmas party.  There were mainly families from school there so it was great to be able to chat to people and get to know them all a bit better.  It was especially nice for James who doesn't really get to mingle with the other parents on a daily basis.  Great food and great company with the kids running around having a blast!  We got home at midnight and needless to say the kids were shattered the next day!  We did however manage to make it to church which was lovely as the children made some christmas decorations which are hanging on our tree.

It was such a lovely warm day on Sunday we decided to go for a bike ride.  There is a bike track along the stream into tournefeuille which starts just across the road from us.  Jasper got a new bike for his birthday so Penelope has inherited his old bike.  It was her first time on a bike with gears and once she got over the fact that it was blue and not pink she was fine.  She did really well as the path was very busy and there were a few tricky turns and hills but she just kept going no problem.  We rode to a playground the kids had a play then rode back.

Due to the fact that there are several others from Air NZ out here at the moment for delivery week, the ATR sales rep decided to take them all out for dinner on Sunday night and I got to tag along.  Apart from the fact they were all men and all either talking about work or planes it was a good night. We went to a great restaurant in place Wilson called Le Bon Vivre which was very busy and very French.  I had a a great meal which James recommended called margret de canard, which is a piece of duck cooked like steak.  Very delicious and popular in France.  James thought he was getting lamb shank with mashed potatoes but actually got sliced roast lamb with haricot beans - needless to say he had a bit of food envy.

We then headed home and relieved the new babysitter who had done very well.  We have two lovely babysitters who both live close by which is so wonderful!

I am enjoying the last week of school and making the most of living in this beautiful country.  I had my French lesson on Monday and have managed to practise on a couple of shop assistants who desperately try and work out what I am saying.  I am also making the most of the culinary delights that France is famous for by buying lots of wonderful treats for christmas such as macaroons, fromage, chocolate and more chocolate.  The French have the most amazing ready made canapés and beautiful mousse chocolate logs at the supermarkets so I am going to get some for our christmas treats.

Meanwhile the sun is still shining and best of all James new cyclocross bike has arrived in time for
christmas, although I think he will open it before then!

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  1. Thank you for continuing to send your very newsy and interesting blogs, Rachel. Not many sleeps till Christmas now and i can imagine that the children will be getting excited about that. I am just home from the Year 8 Court Theatre and dessert evening. They all turned up looking very flash in new dresses etc and the boys in shirts and long pants. Lots of laughter and fun! School is now officially over!! We had a TOD today which was a bit hard going - especially when I was remembering that this time last year we were on the plane to Dubai!
    So, my love to you all and Warm Christmas greeting to you all. God bless you all too. Love, Jos M. xxxxx