Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas countdown

I am enjoying the slower pace that the northern hemisphere Christmas provides. There is no end of year rush or frantic planning of the summer holiday but instead Christmas parties, markets, admiring the Christmas lights and now that school is finished just relaxing and hanging out until Christmas Day.

Penelope is in an English singing group and on Thursday evening they did a wee concert of Christmas carols for family. This was a lovely low key evening of hearing children sing, eating supper and chatting. A lovely evening.

On Thursday at school the canteen provided the children with a special Christmas dinner. I had organized for Hannah to stay as well which she loved. When I arrived to collect her at 1pm she was watching the movie Brave with her class. Penelope and Jasper went to a movie in French with their classes so I promised Hannah I would take her swimming. When we arrived at the pool we discovered they were working on the pools and there was no water in them. We went home feeling very disappointed. Instead we watched a movie together on the couch.

Penelope and Jasper enjoyed the movie and could tell me the plot and what happened which is good.

James has been working very hard this week and was very happy to see the plane fly away on Saturday morning. He has to do some paperwork this week but otherwise will be able to have a bit of a Christmas break.

Yesterday was a lovely mild day and so I took the kids to the playground in the morning. After lunch I got my haircut which I have been avoiding as I was anxious about not being able to explain what I wanted. I decided that I should be brave so headed to the hairdresser across the road. She spoke very little English but did a good job and gave me a complimentary bag so it was all good!

James' new cyclocross bike had arrived on Tuesday and he was desperate to take it out for a spin so when I got home from the hairdresser he and jasper went for a ride. They biked all the way to the bmx track near the lakes in tornefeuille along the river and had a great ride.

We had family movie night watching Santa buddies so a very peaceful day.

Woke up to a beautiful day so James decided to bike to church while the kids and I drove. We then had lunch outside and James, Jasper and Hannah played soccer while Penelope took the score.

We decided to go for a walk and James had a look on the map and discovered a lake down the end of the road. We went for a wander and found a great recreation area really close by.

James had taken the frisbee so we all had great throwing that around. It was so Beautiful around the lakes and seeing the pyrenees in the distance.

James and Jasper have headed into toulouse to see the hobbit.
There is one screening a day in English which is great. The girls and I might go to McDonald's for tea.

Wishing all our family and friends a restful, blessed Christmas season. Love from us
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  1. So enjoying your regular blogs. We have 28 degree high forecast for Christmas Day tomorrow - a northern hemisphere winter seems so much more appropriate for Christmas!! We hope that you have a wonderful family Christmas and enjoy your time together in Toulouse over the Christmas break. Hope Santa is kind to the entire family. Kimberley told me on the way home from Christmas Eve mass tonight that she used to think Christmas was just about getting presents but now she knows that the important things are Baby Jesus and spending time with family. I think our kids are growing up!!!!!! Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a wonderful, adventure-filled 2013.
    Lots of Love
    Jacqui, Trevor & Kimberley Lyttle