Monday, 24 December 2012

Photos of us on Christmas Eve

A photo diary of what we've been up to in the lead up to Christmas.

Jasper at the hobbit with James on Christmas Eve eve.

Our Wellington family got together on Christmas Eve to open presents so we joined them via Skype and opened our gifts to each other!

Penelope modeling some of her gifts and using her lovely new smiggle stationery!

Once the realization that it really was Christmas Eve dawned on Penelope she got very busy making a gift for Santa. She wrapped up a Santa for Santa and got carrots for the reindeer and wrote very specific instructions on post-it notes. She then set herself up to guard it all so that no one would steal anything - very cute!

I do love that total belief in magic and that anything is possible.

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  1. Very nice and it was great chatting to you all!