Sunday, 9 December 2012

Our weekend

After a quiet week at work for James he ended up having to work most of the weekend. Of course it had been wet and cold all week and was a gorgeous day today!

James has a work colleague here from NZ to help with the delivery of the next ATR. It is due to leave Toulouse on the 21st of dec so there is a bit of pressure on from now on. We decided to go out Friday night to show John around Toulouse. The lights in the city are so pretty and we can't wait to take the kids in to show them. Just have to wait for a warm evening!

We had a great dinner at a lovely French restaurant with great service.

On Saturday James went to work and the kids and I went to the school fair. James met us there which worked well. I managed to win two bottles of wine and Penelope won two teddies and jasper had a great time on the smack the rat (stuffed toy) game! If you hit the boy rat you got a packet of lollies if you hit the girl rat you got a hug from one of the kids running the stall. Jasper thought it was hilarious. There was a lovely Santa there which the kids all visited although I think Jasper just wanted to visit him to get the bag of lollies and toy.

James then headed back to work and the kids and I spent the afternoon playing cards and watching a movie.

Today the children were in the Sunday school nativity play which was very sweet. James managed to pop in to see the play then had to head back to work unfortunately.

As it was such a lovely day I decided to take the kids to our local park called place ramee. It is a great recreation area with a large lake, swimming pool, bike tracks, playgrounds and a remote control car racing track. It was very busy but great to check it out.

We have a busy week coming up with the children preforming their school christmas concert on tuesday and thursday evenings. Tonight jasper and penelope were practicing their caorls for it which was very entertaining.

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  1. Christmas lights are so pretty when it's actually winter and dark early!
    Sounds like you made it a special weekend for the kids Rachel even though James had to work - you're a super Mum :)