Saturday, 10 November 2012


Sitting in the car blogging again! Yesterday the plan was to go to Versailles then go to our friends Amy and Luuk, who are from Christchurch,for dinner.

Things just seemed to go wrong from start to finish starting with James having problems posting the blog as the file was too big and then losing half of it!

We then went to the mega mall to get some Christmas presents for cousins but couldn't find what we wanted - should have done it at Disneyland. I went in search of a home store to buy a duvet cover. For some reason there seems to be a very limited selection of duvet covers in any of the shops I've been in, not sure why. We have no linen so need something for our bed tonight. I saw an ok one in Toulouse so will go and buy it tonight when we get to our new house. On top of this pen walked into a post!

Off to Versailles and we managed to give ken the wrong place to go to and we ended up in some random little village. Back on track and we found a great park on the street right next to the palace.

Versailles is amazing the luxury and splendour quite breathtaking. There were automatic ticket machines so no queuing - great! Walking round a building looking at paintings and furniture isn't really Hannah's idea of fun so we had a very quick tour of the palace!

We have found it easy to find places that serve gluten free - steak and chips but going to a restaurant every day for lunch gets expensive. We did a bit of research and found that there were a few crepiers in Versailles that serve buckwheat pancakes which are glutenfree. Buckwheat is the flour used for the savoury style galletes and is a heaps cheaper lunch option.
We found the creperie from trip advisor and had a yummy lunch.

The sweet creeps aren't gluten free which we managed to work out by James using google translator. But they had so many yummy toppings James and the kids just ate the top.

We then headed to the palace gardens and had a walk through the maze before heading back to the car as the meter was about to run out.

We arrived back to find someone had tried to squeeze into the park behind us and had damaged our car in the process. James was less then impressed and took photos and their number plate. I left a note on there windscreen saying our insurance company would be in touch. Just a bit of paint has been scraped off but still a nuisance.

We then headed to a playground near Amy's house she had recommended.

It was great and so nice for the kids to have a run around. We met Amy and her two gorgeous children Louie and elena. Pen and I caught the train with Amy and got some supplies for dinner and James drove to their place with jas and Hannah. We had a lovely meal of risotto and a great time comparing notes about moving to and living on France - they have been here since February. They live in a lovely Parisian village - very pretty and close to nice shops.

We headed home and unfortunately got stuck on the motorway for about 45 mins as there had been an accident. We got home at 10.30 very thankful to be back safe and sound.

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  1. Awesome Rachel - I remember going to Versailles and the chandelier room was my favourite - amazing! Also remember the gardens - so huge and majestic. The crepes looked delicious - pleased you have found a yummy gluten free lunch option.Great to see photos too :)