Thursday, 8 November 2012

Day 2 Disneyland

We all slept in including Hannah. The hotel we're staying at is a budget self service one but is very quiet and close to Disneyland. We knew the drill for the parks so things were much quicker. We went straight to the studio park and watched a movie about animation . We then split up and the girls And I headed for slinky the dog ride and James and jasper went to the hot wheels ride.

YouTube Video

We hadn't been in the queue long when the boys joined us as the hot wheels queue was too long.

Slinky was great although a bit tame in comparison to some of the other rides jasper had been on. They then went on the tower of terror which is when you get into an elevator and it drops down - doesn't sound fun to me!
(Let us know if you want the video link)

The girls and I went on a magic carpet ride which was a long queue and short ride so not that great. I had noticed a few people using special passes to queue and wondered if Hannah would be eligible so went and asked at information and discovered that yes she was! Once we got that we managed to short cut a few lines which made things heaps easier. After lunch we headed to the stunt show which was fantastic!

We then went on a buzz lightyear ride all together.

Penelope dropped her Mickey Mouse ears around the ride so James got a bonus ride going to retrieve it! We then got some candy floss and split up again.

The boys had tickets to the rocker roller coaster but Jasper was worried he'd be sick after eating his candy floss so they skipped that. They queued for another roller coaster but gave up as we were meant to be meeting up but James couldn't get hold of me. That was because we were under ground quing for pirates of the Caribbean which was great. We had also been on Alice in wonderlands maze and had had a great time. Once we met up Hannah went with them so they could short cut the queue and they went on the Star Wars flight simulation.

I'm not sure how much Hannah enjoyed it but at least the boys got to have one more ride! We then did some shopping and headed home.

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  1. What an amazing couple of days you have had in Disneyland - weather doesn't look great but it didn't seem to stop you!! Wonderful pics and would love to see the video clips.

  2. looks amazing looks like you all had fun I would love the links.
    It was good that you managed to get the pass for Hannah so it made your waits abit shorter.

  3. The candy floss looks amazing! Sounds like you all had a great time - so much fun getting to do stuff like that with the kids :)