Friday, 9 November 2012

The Eiffel Tower

We are heading home from a great day in Paris and have been stuck in traffic jams which is where I am blogging from! We had planned on catching the train to Paris but had trouble finding an all day car park near the train station so just decided to drive. The drive in was good but the traffic tonight is really slow.

We found a great parking building near the Eiffel Tower where someone parks your car for you . Heaps easier and no more expensive. We walked to the Eiffel Tower and decided to catch the lift up to the summit. The queue was quite quick especially for expert queuers like us! The view was amazing.

We then walked up the Place de Varsovie to Place du Trocadero and found a great Parisian cafe which was busy and chaotic but friendly with great food and quick and efficient service. We then walked back to the Seine by the Eiffel Tower and went on a boat trip for an hour.

We had seen a great playground in the morning so James took the kids to that while I had a look at some shops. A great stress free day fill of lots of lovely memories! Am looking forward to bringing my mum here in June and have a few places I'd like to go back too!

I have just finished this as we arrive at the hotel - perfect.

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  1. Wow great photos - when Dean and I win Lotto you can take us there as well!

  2. Ah, the Eiffel tower - Cam and I went to Paris when I was pregnant with Hamish - such great views from the tower. Love all your photos Rachel - thanks so much for the blogs. Really enjoying reading all your news and living vicariously your adventures!