Thursday, 15 November 2012

Settling in

It is beautiful day today, hot with no wind. Such a nice change as Tuesday was freezing and was only 5 degrees at lunch time. I had no idea it was going to be that cold so the kids went to school without coats so yesterday and today they have taken their coats and its been hot! Reminds me of Christchurch in autumn - have to be prepared for all weather.

The house is great and is very sunny and warm. We have central heating which will be great in winter.



Penelope's room

Our room


Hannah's room

Jasper's room

Spare room

Spare room and will be media room


The house is fully furnished but is missing a few things especially anything for baking so I decided to go to ikea to get some supplies! I managed to navigate my way around although got a bit confused when the first part is all show rooms with nothing to buy! I was glad to discover the actual shop downstairs. Like all shops in France there was huge queues at the check out but at least I didn't get behind someone paying for their goods with 1 and 2 cent pieces. I think they could fix the economic crisis in France by getting rid of the 1,2 and 5 cent pieces plus by charging for using cheques. I reckon about half the people still use cheques to pay for goods - and it is not a quick process!

After ikea I decided to go to school to get the kids on the motorway. It was my first time and it went really well and I am feeling a bit more confident now. I just followed the GPS and it was fine.

Hannah has done four days of school now and is loving it. She is finding it a bit hard coming home at lunch time but will hopefully be able to stay till 1pm soon. Today on the way home we stopped at a playground we pass every day so she loved that.

Tonight James and I are off to a work wine tasting then dinner so we have got a baby sitter coming. It is nice for me to be able to tag along to one of the work functions as James gets to go to lots of fancy lunches!

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  1. Great to see photos of the house - looks lovely. You will so enjoy the central heating in winter!!
    Ahh, Ikea - brings back memories...
    How was the work do?
    Show day here today and lovely weather. Took the kids to Willowbank which was very busy but still a nice outing for the kids.