Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween in France

We have had a very busy day today.  James first plane flew back to NZ, so watch out for the All Blacks ATR as that is his baby!

While I was having a coffee this afternoon at the mall I started flicking through the newspaper on the table and there on the front page was his aircraft, great publicity for Air NZ.  He had the big departure ceremony for it yesterday and Luke Mcalister came along  for it (he plays for Toulouse) and James manged to get an autograph for Jasper.

This morning I took the kids swimming which was a bit of a laugh as it's all a bit different to the way we do things at home.  I had been with Hannah last week thank goodness so did have a bit of an idea of what I was doing.  First off for some reason you need to wear a swimming cap so we had to go to the sports store to get Jasper and Penelope one each.  I also had found out that boys were not allowed to wear board shorts but had to wear tight swimming trunks.  Unfortunately I didn't realise that this rule applies to everyone and even Hannah's swimming shorts were not allowed.  A life guard approached me and said that this time he wouldn't worry about it but to bring togs next time.  When I told James about this tonight a look of horror swept across his face at the realisation that if he takes the kids swimming he to will have to wear speedos!

We zipped home for lunch then headed back out again to the Church holiday programme that I had booked the kids into.  It was fab and the kids loved making Christmas decorations and meeting some new friends.  It is a lovely Church and everyone has been very welcoming.  We have been only three times but are already starting to meet a few people.  Quite a few families from the International School go there so really nice for the children to have some friends from School go to the same Church as them.  While the kids were at the holiday programme I went to the mall - Centre Commercial and bought myself a winter coat for Paris (mine are all still in boxes and arrive three days after we get back from Paris) and also did some grocery shopping. James came and met me which was nice.  The kids had a great time at the holiday programme and it all went really smoothly.

I'm not really into celebrating Halloween but the kids were determined to this year.  A few problems with this however were the facts that although costumes are sold in France kids here don't trick or treat and also we are still at the apartment so all our neighbours are business people or couples and families on holidays!  So instead Penelope decided to plan a holiday, Halloween party.  She was so gorgeous and spent hours writing out the plan and writing a list for me of things to buy.  The party started at 6pm and she had the games and prizes all sorted.  She even made up a treasure hunt with clues all around the house.  So a very lovely successful special Halloween in France!

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  1. Rachel - you are supposed to keep a straight face during the halloween games you know!
    James - would you like me to buy you some speedos for Christmas?? hehehehe