Sunday, 2 September 2012


My blogs are going to get out of order here as my blog from yesterday is on the ipad and the office is closed so can't connect it to the internet but this computer is connected, so I'm sorry about that.

We had an unsettled night last night - not because of the children but because of a pub 100 metres away that played music till 4am.  Very frustrating when we are trying to recover from jet lag!  We may have to move apartments if it is going to be like this every weekend.

We skyped James parents this morning which was lovely.  The connection was great so if anyone else is keen to skype let us know, France is 10 hours behind NZ.

We decided to go to church, James had been to the International Church of Toulouse so we thought we'd give a different one a try.  We found it on the GPS then headed out.  When we got there it was closed and another couple was there too, so we decided to follow them to the International Church.  We eventually got there 45 mins late after having to navigate half marathon runners and the motorways.  It was the pastor's last day so the service was very long and didn't finish till 12.45 after starting at 10.30am, so we were thankful we hadn't got there on time as it would have been a long time for the kids to sit still!!

We headed home and are having a relaxing Sunday afternoon.  The French do everything in style even relaxing as no shops are open on sundays (not even MacDonalds) so it is just a lovely relaxing, family day.

Am feeling very blessed to have the opportunity to live in this lovely part of the world and am looking forward to the week with James starting work tomorrow and the kids starting School on Thursday.  It will be nice to get into a routine and feel more settled.  My aim is to start learning some French!!  Love to all.  Rach

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  1. You are doing well with your navigating. Pity about all the noise. Sounds a bit like the middle of Queenstown on a weekend. It is nice that you have found a church. Hopefully the next Sunday won't be as long if you arrive on time.