Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Jasper's birthday

Jasper woke up nice and early at 6.30 as birthday boys do, but had to wait till 7am to open his presents, when Penelope woke up.  He was very spoilt especially  since he has already opened lots of his presents back home plus has some more to come.  James and I gave him a new bmx bike which we will hopefully get this weekend.
Jasper opening up his presents

A  New Zealand cap from Auntie Susan, Uncle Dean and Mackenzie and Henry.
                                         What Jasper chose with his birthday money from Nana.
 After breakfast we walked down to the school to have our induction day.  This was really just a chance for all the new parents and children to meet the teachers and look around the school.  Jasper made friends with twin boys from England straight away and was off out onto the field playing!  The other new children in Penelope's class were both boys from Spain, who seem nice but were also quite nervous and couldn't speak English.  Her teacher is very nice though and assured her she will make friends quickly.  Hannah's not starting tomorrow as they haven't got the aide set up yet.  I have NZ correspondence work for her which we will start tomorrow.  Hopefully she can transition to school next week as she is desperate to go and it will be hard for her watching Penelope and Jasper go off to school and to not join them.

We came home for lunch then had to go back to the school to fill in paperwork for the canteen about the kids coeliac disease.  It had got very hot by this stage so we got icecreams on the way home then had a swim in the pool at the apartment.

We decided to go out for dinner for Jasper's birthday and had seem a nice mexican cafe just around the corner.  When we got there we found it closed and not opening for dinner until 8pm - which is apparently when the french eat their dinner.  We went to another resturant at a groovy bowling alley and found that closed too.  We decided that was enough walking in 30oC so went to MacDonalds!  It ended up being perfect as we ate outside and there was a cool playground - plus James could have a beer with his meal(can you spot it in the photo).  The building behind us is the playground which was airconditioned.

                                               Jasper and Hannah in the Macdonalds playground.
At the end of the day jasper told us that it was his best birthday ever so that was lovely to hear with being so far from home.


  1. What a great day, can't wait to see Jasper's new bmx!

  2. Pleased he had a great day - sorry couldn't get hold of you not sure what number to ring on!
    Great photos!