Friday, 7 September 2012


James took Penelope and Jasper to school today so i was able to get on with homeschooling Hannah.  She wasn't quite as keen today but we used Mathletics and sunshine books online so she enjoyed that.  We are so lucky to have a wonderful correspondence teacher in NZ who has organised so many different resources to use.  It is good to be able to use pen and paper resources as well as online resources as it gives Hannah a bit of variety.  A big thanks also to the fantastic staff at Ouruhia school for getting us set up with correspondence.  I am really enjoying homeschooling Hannah and am not sure what I'll do when she does go to  school - the first thing will be to find a cafe that sells a good cup of coffee!

The board at IST met tonight to decide the plan forward for Hannah.  So hopefully the results from that will be positive and she can start soon.  There is also another little girl with DS who has enrolled at IST but not able to start yet, so they really do need to be able to accommodate children with special needs as there is a need.  The family is staying at the same apartments as us so I have been able to have nice chats with her.

I am really enjoying meeting people from all different countries and have chatted to other families at the apartments from Spain and Germany.  So lovely to see the children playing with other children who can't speak English and they just make up games and all join in together.  Penelope even got an invitation to a birthday party today - the whole class did but still, very exciting for her.

After our school work Hannah and I went for a walk to the shops to get some things.  We got some pool toys as the pool here is quite deep and they can't touch the bottom.  As soon as we got home Hannah was in her togs and in the pool!!  By this time it was over 30oC so a swim was a nice way to cool off.  She then got to have another swim when Jasper and Penelope came home from school so she was happy about that.

A beautiful day today in Toulouse and it got to 34oC so lovely and hot! Tomorrow we are going to go to Carcasonne and James has programmed the route into the gps in the car and is all ready for our first French road trip.  Hopefully it will be another fine day.


  1. It all sounds so lovely Rachel, wish I was there! Can't wait to hear all about your road trip, good luck with the gps! Time to hear from James?

  2. Bonjour Hannah I am glad you are enjoying your lessons with Mummy and swimming in the pool. Love you, Granny

  3. Hi guys, l haven't had time to look at your blogs recently, so I just sat down and had a good read! Your night out looked and sounded lovely and you both look great! 34 degrees got me feeling jealous! But it's starting to warm up here! School holidays at the moment it's do nice just to hang out! Have a great week and I look forward to ur up dates! Lots of love Tash, Treuce and Daryan xx