Sunday, 9 September 2012

A lazy sunny sunday

I discovered another thing other that the French do well today and that is markets.  After skyping James' family in Wellington we decided to head to the Tournefeuille market as we will be living near there.  We were expecting something quite small and organic, like the lovely farmers markets at home.  Instead we find this very crowded, busy hive of Sunday activity.  There were fantastic produce stalls and amazing fromage sellers as well as salamis, meats and bakeries.  There were also clothing, jewellery and toys.  I bought some fruit and vege and James had the full french experience by lining up for some cheese and getting the man to cut him off a piece from the round.  Jasper struggled with the crowds and smells so I ended up taking him and Hannah out while James and Penelope bought the salami and ham.

We decided to get in the car and explore and came across a river with a cycle track on it as well as a playground (haven't found many playgrounds in Toulouse).  It is quite close to where we will be living so will be wonderful to be able to cycle into the village along the river.

We then came home and had our yummy cheese, ham and salami for lunch.

It was very hot again today so the kids and James had a swim in the pool.  It got too hot for me so came back into our air conditioned apartment.

A full week of school for the kids this week so hopefully they manage with the long days in the heat.



  1. I love the markets! And the food: the numerous types of cheese and 'saussison sec' (salami) will keep me going for at least another year in france :) I hope they help sustain you through the culture shock like they have us!

  2. Sounds lovely Rachel - you are getting right into the whole French lifestyle with gusto! The cycle path along the river sounds great.

  3. Does sound very nice - has been very wet rough here lightning and thunder on Fri night we ended up with four in the bed with the kids wondering if Nana was ok we had to tell them Nana would be fine!