Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A visit to the new School

Have discovered that taking three children shopping in France is stressful when everything is new and exciting and I can't find anything I want and no one speaks English plus nothing is written in English.  Took the kids to the local newsagent to buy some birthday cards and wrapping paper.  Firstly there was no wrapping paper, then the card selection was fairly poor (am wondering if perhaps the French do not give each other cards?).  I manged to find some that were okay and just hope that they say Happy Birthday inside and not Deepest Sympathies!  By this time my nerves were frayed but as I'm not one to give up, I proceeded to the organic shop in search of gluten free crackers.  Luckily it is quite a small shop so Hannah was easy to find when she wandered off.  The gluten free selection was okay and managed to get some nice things - have not been able to find rice crackers here though, they really are a coeliacs staple!

Then went to the bakery for a much deserved coffee and pastry - they sold meringues which are gf - hooray.  The coffee was pretty average, I think I will have to develop a taste for long blacks as lattes, flat whites and cappucinos don't exist.  Am missing my trim flat whites.

This afternoon we had an appointment with the principal of the International School.  She showed us around the school and the children met there teachers.  The school is lovely and modern and well resourced.  It was a very positive meeting with the Principal and Hannah will probably transition slowly into the school starting next week.  We need to apply for funding through the ministry of Health and then we will employ the teacher aide using that funding.  Our first step is to go and see a doctor and she will guide us through the process.  A doctor has been recommended to us and we are meeting her tomorrow.  Hannah is very excited about starting school so I hope she is able to do some schooling soon as I think it will be hard for her to watch Jasper and Penelope go and not be able to go herself.

Tomorrow we have the formal induction day where we meet all the staff and the other new pupils then Jasper and Penelope will start on Thursday.

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  1. Wow, what a day! Are you on a steep learning curve or what. It all sounds very foreign and you are managing wonderfully. Once the children are happily settled at school I am sure you will really get to grips with your new life!!