Wednesday, 1 April 2015

on my own in Nice

James and I headed down to breakfast nice and early and then we went off to his conference and I was free to explore on my own. I had asked at the hotel reception about catching a bus to the walled village of Eze and so set off to the bus stop to catch the 82. I was early and so waited and waited and other buses came and went. After about 45 minutes a nice French lady came and told me that I was waiting in the wrong place and directed me to a different stop around the corner. I waited another 15 minutes and still no bus so I gave up and went to the modern art gallery instead.

The gallery is in a very cool building and has an amazing terrace on the top floor with views over Nice. Some of the art was quite unusual, but was a nice quiet place to sit and relax.

I tried to catch the bus again but to no avail so I went and had a coffee and a pain aux raisin and walked to the port. I asked at the band which bus to catch and they told me to catch the 100. I had seen lots of tourists getting on the 100 bus to Monaco and Eze is on the way to Monaco. It was a stunning ride along the coast line. I don't think a wander around the streets of Eze was on the cards today as I missed the stop and instead got off at another little village. I wandered down the narrow streets to the plage, past beautiful homes. I was half expecting to see Angelina Jolie walking the other way as it is the sort of place where I am sure celebrities would live. I thought I would have a coffee or glass of wine at the little restaurant on the beach, but I think at 22 euros for a glass of wine I don't think I was there target market!!!

I caught the bus back to Nice and spent the rest of the afternoon doing a bit of shopping. James came back and we went and did some shopping for him before going back to the conference to go out for dinner.

We were all loaded onto buses and taken to the Antibes aquarium where we had champagne, and then were treated to a marine show by their 6 orcas. They are beautiful creatures and seem well cared for although not sure about keeping such majestic creatures in captivity.

Mummy Polar bear with her very playful baby!

We then had a lovely dinner and in typical French style it was 4 courses, so felt very full. It was a late night and didn't get into bed until 1am so messed with my body clock a bit, although did sleep till 7am this morning which was good.

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