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Nice to Toulouse

Nice to Toulouse

Last Thursday James and I drove from Nice to Toulouse. James got a bargain with the hire car - half price, brand new, full insurance but small and yes it was tiny. It was a little Renault twingo and just fitted us and our bags. We had decided that we would drive up into Provence and across and headed up into the hills. It ended up being a very slow journey and was going to take a very long time so after a drive through Grasse and a stop at the McDonalds for a coffee we decided to head back to the motorway. We wanted to still see some sights on the way so thought that instead decided to head back to the coast to St-Tropeze.

It was very windy and our little car got buffeted by the wind on the motorway and it had traction control so kept on making a funny noise which was a bit disconcerting. By the time we got to St Tropeze we were ready for lunch and after a wander past the beautiful shops we found our way down to the marina. The port was gorgeous with lots of very expensive yachts moored with the crews busy cleaning them - how the other half lives I guess.

We found a creperie and had a delicious lunch of galletes and cider. We wove our way down a lovely country road before hitting the busy, fast, windy motorway. We eventually made it to Toulouse 10 hours after leaving Nice, very happy that we had made it in one piece!

The next day James had work and my plan was to catch up on a bit of shopping at Blagnac mall. At midday I was picked up by my dear friend Christine and then we went to another friends house for lunch with a lovely group of women from IST. We had such a lovely lunch and it was great to reconnect. James picked me up and we met a friend for a drink then drove back into Toulouse. We then met up for dinner with the Air NZ guys and their wives who had replaced James at a great restaurant called 'The winter garden'. It was nice to see them again and hear about all the things they have been doing.

On Saturday we slept in and then headed out into the Gers to have lunch at a work colleague of James. His son is coming to NZ on work experience at Air NZ and is going to board with us so it was really great to meet him and his family. We had a traditional French lunch which included five courses and wine to match each course. We left there feeling very full and popped in to visit other friends before heading out to dinner at another friends place. We had yet another wonderful meal and more beautiful wine as well as a great laugh. It was so lovely to reconnect with great people and be in good company.

On Sunday we decided we needed to walk off some of the food we had eaten the day before so after breakfast walked through Toulouse down to the canal in the sunshine. It was a beautiful Easter Sunday and there were lots of people out and about enjoying the sunshine. We then headed to the great French indoor market at Victor Hugo and took in all the sights and sounds. We bought some canned cassoulet so we will see if we are able to get it through NZ customs or not - we really wanted to buy some cheese and meats but knew we couldn't get those into NZ. We met up with a work colleague of James' and his partner and had a great lunch at a seafood restaurant in the upstairs part of the market. We then walked back to the hotel before heading out to our lovely Church friends Annie and Ian. They had organised an Easter dinner for us with a lovely group of friends and it was a very special evening with a bit of a Kiwi theme including onion dip, NZ lamb, pavlova and marshmallow Easter eggs. It was a really lovely evening and there was even a blood moon.

James and I had a free day on Monday and after all of our socialising and wining and dining over the previous few days decided we needed to do a bit of exercise. Our friend Sylvie had recommended the St-Antonnie-de-Noble area for walking.

Following behind some cyclists

There were beautiful villages on the way and once arriving in St-Antonnie we went to the information office and had a wander around before heading off on our walk.
Found the square for a coffee

We found our way to the walkway even though it wasn't signposted very well and had a lovely walk for a couple of hours.

On the drive home we went up to a viewing platform where we watched skydivers flying around and having a great time due to the thermal winds.

We then drove on to the village of Banqueria which is a medieval town on a hill.

The amount of stunning villages in France still astounds me and there seems to be another beautiful town around every corner to explore and visit. We then headed to our kiwi friends Mark and Deb to deliver some birthday presents and kiwi goodies and had a lovely catch up. Final quick visit to Maia, Penelope's dear friend to deliver a card and then back into Toulouse to pack. Mark and Deb had very kindly invited us to dinner but we decided to take the opportunity to have dinner out in Toulouse just the two of us. We went to one of our favourite restaurants Monsieur George and decided to just have a main each rather then doing the typical French thing of entree, plat, dessert. We both finished our French holiday by having traditional French food. James had duck and I had beef tartare (which is a raw beef patty with a raw egg on top).

James headed off on Tuesday morning and I stayed in Toulouse in the morning to do a bit of shopping. I had been having problems with my shoulders being quite sore and they got really sore and made me feel quite nauseous so when my friend Jackie picked me up from the metro I was sick. She took me to IKEA and after a bit of lunch and shopping I felt much better!! We also managed to squeeze in visits to Casa and decathlon in between school pick up, swim drop off and a lovely walk around Lake Ramee.

It was lovely to be back in a family home again and great to be able to stay at the Alcocks the night and enjoy their hospitality. I had a very early flight today so Jackie very kindly took me to the airport at 6am. Unfortunately there is an air traffic controllers strike on today and our flight is stuck on the Tarmac. We were suppose to leave at 7.20 and they are now hoping to get away at 9am. I am very thankful that I don't have an international connecting flight today and decided to stay in London overnight, although I am really hoping and praying that we do get out of Toulouse soon. I am glad James left yesterday as it would have been quite stressful for him as he had an international connection from London. The flight is very full and there is a large group of French school children who are very excited and chatty. There is also a couple behind me who are very stressed about the fact that the flight is so delayed and they don't seem to really understand what is happening. Anyway all going well I should make it to London soon and hope to go to a show and have a walk around Hyde park as it is meant to be a beautiful spring day in London.

Made it to London two hours late although feeling thankful to get away as I think there will be lots of flights cancelled and the strike is for 3 days!! On arrival in London I got stuck in immigration as a long haul flight from Canada had just arrived and I was at the back. The rest of my flight apart from me and two others were all on UK or EU passports so whizzed through but it took me an hour. When I came in to collect my bag there was no carsouel number for the toulouse flight and then I saw 3 bags all by themselves so I collected my bag and off I went. I did well getting a Gatwick express ticket though and avoided the lines as went to a ticket counter with no line just by the arrival gate meanwhile there was a huge line by the train station. Am now on the Gatwick express heading to Victoria station. I feel like I need a rest and a cup of tea now.

At the hotel now. Lots of stairs in the underground getting from Victoria to Piccadily have been very blessed by the kindness of strangers helping me with my heavy bags.

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