Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Bus success

We both slept a bit better probably due to our late night. We went down for our yummy buffet breakfast and outside the window in the fountain were large plastic balls full of balloons. This has provided great entertainment to tourists and locals all day especially when kids have gone up for a closer look and then the water fountains start!!

James went off to his conference and I decided to give the hotel reception one last chance to redeem themselves after giving me two lots of bad advise. I wanted to go to the Matisse art gallery so went and asked which bus to catch. I was directed to a bus stop not far away and waited only a minute before it came. There were lots of other tourists on the bus which is always a good sign and it wasn't long before we got to the Matisse stop. I got off and found my way to the gallery which was housed in a lovely old red villa. I really enjoyed the exhibition and have decided that Matisse is more my thing then the art I saw yesterday in the modern art gallery. I really enjoyed his story as an artist and the way he used light and colour. I had a lovely look around then went and found a little cafe in the gardens and had a coffee before getting back on the bus.

I then headed into the old city to the flower market. It was lovely just wandering around and looking at all the different market stalls and as well as flowers there was art, soaps and souvenirs.

I found a little bakery and got a panini and went and sat down on the beach and had my lunch. I then went and wandered around the alleyways of the old city looking at all the interesting little shops and boutiques - a very pleasant way to spend part of the afternoon.

We are very fortunate that our hotel is right in the middle of the city so I was able to come back and drop off my purchases and have a little nap before heading back out to the main shopping street. By this time I was feeling like I needed another coffee so found a chocolaterie and had a very expensive but nice coffee and a yummy macaroon. I had a nice wander around the shops and did lots of people watching. The French all dress so beautifully and seem to all be very stylish.

James has had a very long day at the conference but hopefully will be back soon so we can go out for dinner and enjoy the evening.

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