Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Exploring Nice

We slept ok but woke quite early so decided to go explore Nice a bit. When we came two years ago with the kids and James parents we had a lovely explore of the old city but didn't get much further due to limited time. So this time we decided to walk up to the gardens and castle ruins for a few over the city. It was a nice walk up and there was a gorgeous waterway at the top and lovely gardens to walk around. It was beautiful view overlooking the port on one side and the Nice promenade on the other.

We walked down through the old city and the beautiful Monday antique market to the waterfront. We decided to hire some city bikes and go for a bike ride. The help clerk at the hotel had told us that we couldn't hire the bikes as they were for residents only and instead gave us the number for a bike hire place. He told us to tell them that he had recommended them. It was quite expensive and we were sure that we could hire them if they were like the Toulouse ones so decided to give it a go and it worked. The system works that if you hire it would less than half an hour it is free. We stopped along the way and returned our bikes, took some photos and then rehired them and it was free for mine and 1 euro for James.

The cycleway was great and we felt very safe cycling along past the airport and beside lots of busy roads - without helmets of course. We stopped at the next town of Cagnes-sur-mer and returned our bikes, again costing us just one euro. We found a great little cafe for lunch where the service was very French as he chatted to every customer and took ages to get to us but then once we had him we had his undivided attention. Our tummies were still adjusting to the time zone so I had a salad and James had a good ole French steak hache, frites and salad and of course rose wine.

We jumped back on our bikes and cycled back to Nice. James had a meeting and then conference registration so I was free to explore. I had a nice look around the shops and bought a few presents for the kids. I found a little supermarket and bought some cheese and crackers for dinner and then went back to the hotel. I was a bit overcome by jetlag so ended up in bed asleep before James came home.

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