Friday, 31 May 2013

Saturday and Sunday in London

I am currently sitting in my car waiting for Penelope as she is at singing. Since it is pouring down with rain I decided it was a good opportunity to catch up on my blog. The weather has been awful! Yesterday I got back out the kids winter uniforms and coats that had been put away. A friend knocked on my car window and I ended up gong with her to the supermarket so it is now the next day and I still haven't done Sunday in London!

We caught the bus from the strand into Oxford street as we had limited time and had some serious shopping to do. The bus ride was slow but eventful as the European cup was being played at Wembly that night and London was full of Germans come to support there teams. It was the first time that a final involving two German teams has occurred outside Germany. We drove through Trafagular square and could hear singing and the crowds were huge.

We got off at Piccadily and where there was singing and great excitement from supporters. We decided to grab a quick sandwich so went to a costa cafe. As I was waiting to pay for my lunch at the counter a girl of about 7 grabbed m sandwich off my tray and ran off with it! The staff were lovely and got me a new one and we decided that she was either thought it was her tray or was just very hungry. Either way I hope she enjoyed her free sandwich! Our first stop was the beautiful department store Fortnum & Mason where we got to admire the china.

We then decided to head to Hamleys which was great but very noisy and busy even for London. I think when we come back to London with the kids we will have to set aside half a day just for Hamley's toy store! Jasper could not believe it when I came home and told him that there was a whole floor of Lego.

A chima lego display.

I got my gifts for the kids and Mum managed to get some birthday presents for grandchildren then we set off back out into the busyness!

I love London shops and enjoyed gong back to Topshop and selfridges. I managed to get myself and the girls all lovely summer dresses (which I do hope we get to use one day soon!)

By this time we were tired out and wanted to get back to our hotel to change then go to for dinner before the show. We decided we could squeeze in one last London sight so headed into the Bond Street tube station bound for green park where the New Zealand solider memorial is. Unfortunately I lost mum due to the fact that my underground pass had run out of money and mum thought I was in front of her when I was behind her stuck at the gate! After a very stressful few minutes I got my card topped up and headed through the gates hoping mum was waiting on the other side - but no. I decided that she must have carried on to Green park so jumped on and off the tube and arrived at the memorial only a few minutes after her. A good reminder that it is always a good idea to discuss your destination just in case you get lost. Due to the huge amount of football fans mum had just got swept up with the crowd and was down the escalator before she knew it without an easy way back up. Lesson learned we headed home.

Show clothes on, dinner at Cafe rouge and then to Billy Elliot we went! The show was definitely a highlight of the weekend. Such a wonderful experience to attend a west end show and the performances were all of such a high quality. Billy Elliot was wonderful and even more astounding when you think that the main performers are children! Our Billy ( there are three Billy's who share the role) was fantastic and for a boy of 12 could sing, dance and act beautifully. Everyone in the audience clapped and stood when he had preformed his solos. We headed back to the hotel very content with the day we had had.

As our flight left at 2.20pm on Sunday we decided to not travel too far away on the tube so just went one stop to Sloane square. Even though it was too early for the shops to be open we enjoyed looking in windows especially at the lovely flower displays for Chelsea.

We then headed down to Chelsea bridge for one last look at the Thames before heading back to Victoria on the bus.

Mum had booked a shuttle to take us to the airport but discovered on Sunday morning that it was full. We decided to book a taxi instead and were glad we did as it took us straight to terminal 5 with no stops. Because we had not checked in online mum and I had both been given middle seats five rows apart! Oh well at least we were on. After a lovely lunch at Wagamama we got onto our plane and headed to France. What a great weekend!

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