Wednesday, 5 June 2013


The weather in Toulouse has been awful and it has rained for weeks on end so we decided to head where the sun was shining! We looked up on accuweather and saw that sun was forecast for the med and as we wanted to take mum to collioure anyway decided to head there.

We drove through rain and clouds but once we hit the med the sun shone and the wind was blowing! I think the rest of toulouse decided to escape to the med as well as Collioure was heaving! James eventually found a park while the kids played on the beach. We then headed around the fort to the town.

Last time we went to Colioure it was at Christmas time and not many shops or cafes were open so it was great to see Collioure with all its shops and cafes open for business. We walked around in search of a nice cafe for lunch and found a great little place that did a plat de jour (lunch menu of entree, main and dessert) for €14.50, so us adults were all keen for that!

James entree - whelks not snails!

Mum is loving the food in France and our lunch did not disappoint! We decided to pass on the coffee - which is the traditional way to finish a meal in France and go and look around the village.

I had read that the walk up to the castle on the hill was lovely so we decided to walk off our lunch and head to the castle. The path was quite steep and it was so windy that it made the walk a bit of a challenge but we made it and the view was worth it!

Halfway up!

The windmill on the path up to the castle.

A view from the top.

Protecting ourselves from the wind by leaning against the tower wall!

By the time we got back down the hill we were all pretty tired so decided to head for home stopping via MacDonalds at Carcassoone on the way for some dinner.

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