Sunday, 12 May 2013

Back to routine

Tomorrow is Monday and we are all looking forward to getting back into routine. Last week school went back for Monday and Tuesday after the holidays but the rest of the week were French bank holidays. Only Jasper went to school those days though as Hannah's new TA went and met with the school so Hannah couldn't attend. The new TA is all go for tomorrow and Hannah is looking forward to getting back into it! Penelope ended up hurting her foot last Sunday and by Monday it was quite swollen and sitting at a funny angle so I decided to take her to the emergency department and yes it was broken.

It was all a bit stressful as I did have an appointment with the MDPH on Monday afternoon, which is the French special education department and I ended up having to cancel it. I am hopeful that I can make another appointment but they are very hard to get hold of and as I can't speak French it is challenging. I sent them an email using google translate but they haven't responded to that either. I have a French lesson tomorrow so will ask my lovely French teacher to ring them for me and hopefully they answer the phone!

I am also trying to make contact with a few other schools I have been told about that have alternative education curriculums which may be more suitable for Hannah. Again though it is very hard trying to ring schools when the person answering the phone may not speak English. I am hopeful though that I will have a bit more luck making contact with schools this week now that holidays are out of the way. There is a small bilingual Montessori school which sounds lovely so I will try and ring them tomorrow. It is a bit of a drive from here but we may look at a part time enrolment that way she can do full days but perhaps just three days a week. It will then leave us time for speech and swimming.

On top of all this James has been working very hard. The ATR aircraft that he has been working on flew back to NZ on Saturday so hopefully things will settle back down. Although he has gone to northern France then to Manchester tonight for two days to inspect bits of the A320 he is due to deliver in June.

The highlight of the week though was last night when the singing group that Penelope is in preformed at the English players annual fundraiser. About six different groups preformed and Penelope's group were the best and the youngest! It was a pirate number so Penelope looked the part with her crutches wrapped up to look like a wooden leg! Penelope was a bad pirate called Billy Bones and had to die! She died very dramatically and got a great laugh from the audience. We were very proud of her performance. They only did part of the show last night but are dong a full production on June the 13th. My mum is going to be here then so it will be lovely for her to see it.

Our other bit of good news is that Hannah has joined girl guides. There is an English speaking group that meets at the international school on Monday nights. Hannah had a lovely time and really enjoyed herself last week. One of the leaders is our babysitter and another one goes to our Church so it was great for Hannah to see familiar faces. I am really hoping that it works out as it will be nice for Hannah to be in an age appropriate group with other lovely girls.

A busy week ahead for us as it is Penelope's birthday on Wednesday and she is having a disco party on Saturday. She has spent the last month planning it and has a list for each family member of our tasks. I said that she could change the theme if she liked due to fact she has a broken foot but no she is determined that it must go on as planned!

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