Monday, 1 April 2013

Going Easter egg hunting at the chateau

Most public holidays in France revolve around food and Easter is no exception. The traditional French Easter meal is lamb so on Friday the children and I popped across to the supermarket and got a 2kg leg of lamb for 12euros.

Easter Sunday was actually day light savings in France and James made the mistake of putting Jasper's clock forward the night before and so he woke up bright and early at 6.30 ready to look for eggs - no sleep in for us! The children quickly found all their eggs and then we headed for church.

Even though the morning was a bit overcast in the afternoon it came out beautiful and sunny and we even put out the outside furniture and the umbrella and sat out and enjoyed the lovely weather. Friends from school came for tea and we enjoyed a beautiful New Zealand lamb together.

We had read online that Chateau du Merville have an Easter egg hunt each year and friends invited us to go out and hunt for eggs with them. Apparently 50 000 eggs are hidden in the grounds of the garden which has the largest box hedge labyrinth in Europe. One of James work colleagues had just arrived in Toulouse yesterday so we collected him on the way and then headed out to Merville.

We arrived nice and early and the kids had a great time finding eggs. The limit was 12 per person but it was very hard to walk past the eggs when the path ahead was strewn with them. Penelope found a path that no one else had been on yet and just gathered them all up - although I did manage to pop a few back without her noticing! Hannah had a lovely time running around the maze but wasn't really interested in stopping to collect eggs!

Penelope and Eva with their stash!

Some bars to climb.

In the labyrinth

Chateau du Merville

We took Rusty on a bit of a scenic road trip home much to Jasper's disgust as he just wanted to get home the quickest way possible. When we arrived home Rusty gave us some supplies from NZ that we had requested. The children were very excited and had marmite on toast for lunch - yum!

Peanut butter and marshmallow Easter eggs!!!

A wonderful Easter weekend.

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