Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all our lovely friends and family from France. We have had an enjoyable break so far. Even though Good Friday is not a public
holiday in France the international school had a teacher only day which was great for us. James had to go into work but as he had been away with work for the last couple of weeks he just went in for half a day - yah. It was a beautiful day so James took jasper for a bike ride and then Hannah and I went for a walk. We then spent the evening at the Good Friday service. James went early as he was in the choir. He decided to bike and unfortnately as it had just started raining he fell off going round a roundabout. Luckily he wasn't badly hurt and praise God there were no cars near him at the time. The choir sang beautifully and it was a lovely service. The children went out to the children's programme and came back into church with these fantastic Easter gardens.

The French don't seem to do hot cross buns but luckily james went to the UK from Sunday till Tuesday and managed to pick me up some from Marks and Spencers. I repaid the favour by Penelope and I making sme gluten free ones on Wednesday afternoon.

Today we decided to head to the village of Castres and then to the Le sidobre valley to look at the amazing rock formations which have big boulders on top of little boulders. The weather wasn't great so we had a cruisy morning at home then headed off after lunch. Castres is a very pretty village with the houses built on the river. We had a wander through the square and over the bridges.

A village we would definitely like to come back to on a sunnier day.

James had managed to pick up some local maps at the tourist office so we headed off in the direction of the boulders. We took a wrong turn but a very helpful old man gave us directions in French not at all perturbed by the fact that we couldn't speak any French. We found the car park got out of the car then heard the most tremendous amount of thunder. Being forever optimistic we set off and managed to see a few boulders before the rain and hail came down!

We raced back to the car then headed for home via Lautrec - another gorgeous French village set on a hill, that we will have to come back to.

A great day spent exploring the Tarn Department and now we know what's there we will be going back!

Have a wonderful Easter everyone. Much love x

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  1. Another great blog - thanks for all the lovely pics! x Sus

  2. Hi Rachel and family. Great to hear about more of your adventures. You are certainly making the most of your time away and giving the children some lifelong memories. It was so amazing to see Hannah and Penelope skiing and mastering this. Hannah's face told it all - so proud to be able to do this on her own. I really admire how you give her every opportunity possible so that she feels just like the other children. Nothing is a barrier - good on YOU!
    We are enjoying the Easter break and the beautiful weather which we are still having. I am well aware that the farmers are desperate for rain. But we do love the warm, sunny days!
    Good that you got to have a good Friday service to attend. We went to ours and also planned to attend the one in Hagley Park at 12.30pm but once going home from ours, lacked the energy to head into the city. It was run by several churches - a lot of high profile preachers so would have been great. Lots of music too. Easter camp at Spencer Park has been going very well. 4000 registered this year. I was so pleased to hear that a number of past Ouruhia kids were going!
    We only have another 13 days till holidays. It seems a bit odd to have to go back after Easter for a couple of weeks. We have no plans for the hols but will probably have a few days away - Akaroa or Kaikoura probably.
    Love to the whole family and enjoy the reat of your Easter time. Jos. xxxxx