Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Porto to Foz

The kids awoke nice and early due to the fact that Portugal is an hour behind France. We packed up and headed back into the alleyways of Porto for a look around. We stumbled across a bird market, where stallholders were selling all manor of birds from tiny little finch like things to geese. We also saw some puppies, rabbits and fish. The kids were desperate for us to buy them a bird so James had to have a heart to heart with them as to why that was not possible!

We continued to wander the streets and happened upon a Costa Cafe (similar to Starbucks). I was in desperate need of a decent coffee so we went in and had a yummy morning tea.

We continued our walk around the streets and then walked back to our apartment to meet our taxi. The taxi took us to the hire car company where we collected our rental car. We drove out of Porto and headed to Lisbon. We were all starving so thought McDonalds would hit the spot. We put it into the GPS and followed the directions and ended up in the middle of a field. We got back onto the motorway and then saw the McDonalds as we were speeding down the highway.

We tried again using James iPhone and found another McDonalds a bit further on that was much easier to get to. We all enjoyed our lunch and were interested to discover that it cost about 10 euros less for what we normally buy then it does in France. We needed some groceries so I went into the supermarket where I tried to work out where all the things I needed were. I managed to get all I needed including some gluten free pasta - yah!

Back on the highway heading down the fantastic toll roads and another stop this time for the toilets. It had a great playground so the kids enjoyed stretching their legs.

We arrived at Foz jut before 6pm. Our house is right on the beach in a tiny little village which includes about 12 houses, a restaurant on the cliff and a pub on the beach. The location is great and the beach is beautiful - reminds us of home. Our beach house is lovely but just a bit too full of stuff! I think it has been the dumping ground for all the family unwanted furniture over the years. It is clean and tidy just very crowded. It has everything we need in abundance although not a salad spinner or a colander which you find in every rental in France! Also, have just discovered it has no kettle (like France) but it does have a toaster.

We are looking forward to exploring the local area tomorrow and having lovely long walks on the beach.

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