Monday, 11 March 2013

Kids back to school

We have had a lovely school holidays but I must say I am really enjoying just sitting at the table with no noise apart from the tick of the kitchen clock. My plan for the morning is to go for a bike ride then I have a meeting with the educational psychologist at school about Hannah. Hopefully some good things will come out of the meeting and we can move forward. Hannah is desperate to stay for lunch and that was the fist thing she said when I told them it was back to school today. I am unsure as to why the school is resistant to her being there at lunchtime but I do think it would improve her behaviour as she would have something to look forward to each day.

We had a lovely weekend and the sun shone which made it even better. On Saturday James and Jasper went to the Toulouse vs Bordeaux rugby game. James got box seats courtesy of airbus so Jasper enjoyed sitting in the comfy seats drinking as much coke as he liked.

Toulouse won by one point so they were pleased about that.

While they were at the rugby I took the girls to the chocolate show that we had a flyer for. It was across the road in a convention centre called la phare, so very easy for us to walk across. The French make great chocolate and we had a lovely time wandering around tasting chocolate and then finally choosing some to take home.

Unfortunately it is all gone now as it was too yummy and we just ate it all up!

Another beautiful day Sunday so after church we looked at our local map for an interesting place to go. We decided to head to Samatan which is about 30 minutes south of here. It is famous for its fois gras market on Mondays and as we drove into the town there were lots of statues of ducks around the place. We drove through the pretty village and headed to the lac. We had a nice walk around the lac and a play on the man made beach.

It will be a good place to visit in the summer as there is a big water slide and you can swim in the lac - jasper saw a couple of small crayfish though so not too sure about swimming in it!
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