Thursday, 7 August 2014

Toulouse to LA

We left Toulouse almost a week ago and am feeling homesick already(that is for my French home). I loved France so much, made all the more special by lots of fantastic travelling, wonderful food and many lovely people that we met on the way. That being said we are all ready to go back to NZ.

We were lucky enough to be upgraded to business class (a perk of being relocated back to NZ by Air NZ) and had a great flight.

Penelope all set up and ready for the 10 hour flight.

James and Hannah were up the front and had to be on their best behaviour as Rob Fyfe (ex CEO for air NZ) was sitting two seats behind them. We arrived into LA at 7.30pm and headed straight to our hotel. Our hotel was right near the airport which was nice and convenient. None of us slept that well and we were all awake bright and early. Our first impression on LA was lots of lining up for everything and huge amounts of food. For our breakfast we had to queue and got eggs, bacon and sausage - not much fruit on offer. It was all very yummy though and set us up for the day. We headed to the rental car company to get our car and were quite horrified by the queue to get the car! It took over an hour to get our car and then we were off to explore!

As it was now almost lunch time we headed straight for the farmers market in west Hollywood. James and the kids had a gluten free pizza and I had Chinese. We then headed to the Grove shopping area which was very nice with lots of lovely shops.

Hannah posing with Isabelle at the American girl doll shop

Penelope was desperate to head into Hollywood so we drove to Hollywood boulevard and found a park. One of the interesting things about LA is because everyone drives it is very easy to get around and also very easy to find a park. The parking buildings are easy to find and easy to drive in - especially after narrow little French streets. Hollywood boulevard was very busy but we still managed to find some famous stars and get our photos taken with a few famous characters (for a few dollars of course).

Outside the Chinese theatre.

Lots of people were lining up to get photos of Michael Jackson's star but James just quickly took one as he walked by!

Jasper was very happy to get his photo taken with bumblebee!

Hannah was very excited to get her photo taken with a minion.

It was very hot in LA so we decide to cool down with an icecream. Jasper found this great ice cream parlour where you chose your ice cream flavours then your add ins and then they mixed them up together - delicious!

We decided to leave the busyness of Hollywood and head into the hills. We went for a drive on Mullholland drive and Penelope chose which house she would like to live in when she's a famous movie star!!

View down into LA from Mulholland drive.

A wonderful day and was topped off by drinks at the hotel bar and then leftover pizza for dinner. Best of all though is that we all had a good nights sleep.
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