Monday, 21 July 2014

Farewells and final adventures

The last few weeks have flown by in a packing frenzy. All our boxes have gone on the plane that James is delivering so we are just living out of our suitcases for the next three weeks. We have had many farewells and are very blessed to have met so many lovely people in France.

The leavers from Year 4

Jasper with his buddies from year 5

Hannah's wonderful speech language therapist, Florence.

Jasper with his mates playing quiddich in Our back yard at his leavers sleepover.

Our goodbye BBQ with some of our lovely friends we have made.

Penelope's lovely group of friends who came for a sleepover.

Goodbye dinner for us and housewarming dinner for our friends Jackie and Felix and family.

Off to the Tour de France with the Patreane's and Caleb Wilson - such a fab day. The drive home was pretty bad though due to the tour traffic. We ended up going off the main road and winding up over the hills and the two and a half hour journey ended up being four hours.

Afternoon snacks at Rozenn and Mary's house to say goodbye to the Hicks who have gone back to the States.

James' replacement in Toulouse is Mark Wilson. He and his family, who are good friends of ours from Christchurch, arrived at the end of June. Jasper has really enjoyed having Noah here and they have really enjoyed catching up. We will look forward to hearing all about their French adventures when they come home in a year or so.

Our second last day in Toulouse and a chance to say goodbye to CJ, Cyrus Alexia, and Alivia from Church.

We sold our car to Bob (who is also in Toulouse to replace James) and as he lives right in the centre of Toulouse we all decided to have one last trip in. We finished our French adventure with one last ice cream from our favourite gelato shop in Capitole.

We have had a very busy few weeks but it was so lovely to be able to say goodbye to all the special people that made our two years in Toulouse such a special time.

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