Monday, 13 January 2014

Camel trekking and a very long car trip

After a cold, uncomfortable night we woke to the sound of camels roaring as well as a cat fight outside the tent. We all pulled on warm clothes and got up to see the sun rise - which was worth it!!

Camel riders on the horizon.

Our camp.

Jasper doing a bit of sand boarding.

Penelope's turn.

By 7.30am we were off on our camel trek. Hannah wasn't that happy about the whole thing and struggled a bit with being cold and on a camel.

Our sand camel shadow.

On the camels!

We got back to the hotel where our bags were and had hot showers and breakfast.

By 10am we were off on our 11 hour car journey! We passed through so much beautiful countryside but only got to take photos out of the car window.

Setting off on our journey. Penelope before she got car sick!!

The magnificent Draa Valley - it was like this for hours and hours!!

The locals selling jackets on their car roof.

Lava rock formations.

Tangines and crockery being sold on the side of the road.

Boys playing soccer - a very common sight!

We stopped for a lovely lunch at Agdz and saw lots of travellers, all trying to find some shade to escape the hot sun. We continued on our way and then unfortunately poor Penelope developed terrible car sickness - windy roads and watching the ipad not a great combination. We still had about four hours to go but she managed to sleep most of the way. We arrived at the mountain town of Imlil at 9pm all exhausted. Our driver was heading back to Marrakech (an hour away) and then going back to the Sahara the next day!!

The guest house 'Dar Assarou' was lovely - comfortable and warm and with the best Moroccan food we had tasted!! Penelope climbed into bed and the rest of us headed down for a late dinner.

If we had known that the 560km from the Sahara to the mountains was going to take such a long time we probably would have split the trip in two. It would have also been nice to have spent some more time at the Sahara as it was a very brief visit and we would have loved to explore it more. On the upside we were now in the mountains for the next two days and could relax and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

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