Friday, 9 August 2013

Swiss adventures

We awoke on Tuesday to a sunny day and after a very relaxed start walked down to the village and got our tourist card. This entitles us to use the local gondolas, trains and buses for free and also enables us to get reduced rates into the swimming pools. We decided to test the cards out by catching the gondola up to the top of the mountain. We shared the car with several mountain bikers who all looked very serious with their full protective clothing on and their fully suspended down hill bikes. James can't wait to get on his bike but don't think he'll be riding the same tracks as these guys!

We arrived at the top after swapping cars halfway to an amazing view.

Penelope was a bit freaked out by being up so high but we managed to distract her by getting her to pick wild flowers.

The next day we decided to go back up the gondola and walk around the hillside and catch the funicular down to Davos then catch the train back to Klosters. It all sounded fantastic in theory but the reality was that it was quite a long (3 hours) walk, uphill, plus it was windy and started to rain! It was a great adventure although some members of team Lonsdale decided that from now on we should have a meeting at the beginning of each day and decide together what we are going to do so that there are no more unpleasant surprises! It was a great walk and pretty cool to hear the cowbells ringing through the valley. At the end though we were all very thankful to turn the corner and see the funicular going down the hillside and we pretty much ran down the hill and jumped in!

We got to Davos and after a bit of a play on the cool playground went in search of the train station.

We caught the train back to Klosters and managed to get into first class - we felt like we had deserved it.

Davos lake

Jasper's keen for a go on the car boats.

Penelope was very happy to jump into her bubble bath for a well deserved soak that night!

After our morning meeting the next day we decided to have a quiet day to recover from our previous days adventures. James was keen for a walk however so set off with Sue, David and Jasper at 3.30pm to go up in a gondola on the opposite side of the valley and then walk down. Sue and David returned an hour later saying that the walk seemed a bit long and that James and Jasper could be a while! They returned four and a half hours after they set off, hungry but happy.
The gondola up the madrisa

Walking down the mountain path.

Walking through the cows.

A view down into the valley.

The plan for today was to drive into Zurich then to head to Brunnen as James, Jasper and David had booked to make a Swiss Army knife at 4pm. It was a very wet drive but thankfully as we arrived in Zurich the rain cleared.

Zurich is a gorgeous city right on the lake and we enjoyed wandering the streets looking in the windows of all the amazing shops and admiring all the very well dressed Swiss. We walked into a couple of lovely churches with the most magnificent stain glass windows and some very grand doors.

What a wedding cake!

We had read about a beer and sausage hall so thought we'd check that out for lunch!

It was time to head to Brunnen so although Sue and I could have happily spent the whole afternoon in the Zurich shops we all got back in the car.

Brunnen was a beautiful spot right on the lake and would have been even more spectacular had it not been for the cloud. We were a bit early for the knife making but as the previous booking were stuck in traffic the boys got to make theirs 30 minutes earlier then expected. Jasper was very excited and was first in the chair ready to make his knife!

Getting set!

Assembling his knife.

Hammering down the rivets.

Getting it engraved with his name.

From its place of origin.

Testing the knife out!

Just for the record James was equally excited about making his own pocket knife!

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