Sunday, 25 August 2013

Driving home from Klosters

Our trip home was fantastic - so many wonderful sights. We drove down to Genova and stayed there a night. James was a bit sceptical about Genova as thought it was just a big boring Italian port - but instead it was a culturally rich hidden gem of wonderful buildings and hidden palaces down alleyways - sublime!!

The Genova palace

Genova university.

Hannah dancing to the music playing in the square

Fantastic architecture everywhere

Having icecreams in front of the cathedral

Jasper's first Italian gelato!!

Having an Italian pizza - check out the hand!

The next day we got up and after a wonderful breakfast, gluten free bread included, we made our way to Monte Carlo. We discovered that this is not the easiest place to find a park with a height restriction (due to the roof box and bike). We eventually found a great park down on the waterfront on the street and were delighted and a bit confused that we had until 10am on our parking ticket even though it was 12.30pm then we realised that the date was for the 19th - two days away. It was a Saturday and the French parking wardens obviously don't work the weekends.

Some super yachts

James and Jasper were loving Ferrari spotting, in fact they lost count as there were so many.

Having his turn posing in front of the Ferraris in front of the Casino

From Monaco we headed to Nice. We had great accommodation which had a lovely garden area, and after a busy day sightseeing enjoyed relaxing in the garden with a cool drink.
Nice centre

The Nice esplanade.

This was a bit of an odd find in the middle of a French city!!

Having breakfast in the garden of our hotel.

Hotel Durante

Relaxing on the beach in Cannes.

The water in Cannes was the same temperature as outside - about 30oC, lovely

Our lunch picnic spot

A cool bridge on the motorway

We were concerned about the holiday traffic so we decided to go an alternative route and bypass some of the motorway. I decided that we could head to the town of Aigues-Mortes in the district of Carmague. The drive was gorgeous through the wetlands and we found fruit stalls along the way so stopped to buy some peaches and ended up coming out of the shop with local wine as well! Still not sure why I only bought one bottle...
We had read that Aigues-Mortes was a walled city but were not prepared for the fantastically preserved medieval castle town that it was.

The Main Street.

I guess this is where the archers stood to fend off the enemies

Posing with my girls!

A great trip home and a wonderful end to our Swiss holiday.

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  1. Hi Rachel and family. Wow, you are doing such wonderful things! I just love reading your news and looking at your photos. We had friends here yesterday who have just come home from overseas and some of their photos were from some of the places where you had been. Talk about deja vu! I would love to explore France - especially the Mediterranian coast area - maybe one day..... You all look so well and are obviously thriving on the lifestyle. Are the children taking in lots of knowledge as they go?
    I am just home from our Parents camp meeting. We head to Hanmer at the start of November. The children - all 19 of them - are very excited already. Hope we get good weather. I feel like we need a real shot of heat, some consistently warm days. Everyone at school is well, although there are lots of head colds and sinus stuff. No news staff-wise. Our roll is at about 90. You really notice the drop in numbers when we are all in the library for assembly. We will hold our 5 teachers for next year though, so small classes again!
    Love to you all and keep enjoying your adventures. Jos Murray. xxxxx