Thursday, 31 January 2013

Beads and the beanstalk

This week seems to have flown by and as we are gong away for the weekend I thought I better blog otherwise I will forget all we have done.
Last Saturday we went out with friends to celebrate James birthday a few days early. It was nice to get out and enjoy good food and good company. Then on Sunday we went for a walk in the rain to the lake and playground I discovered a couple of weeks ago. It will be a great place in summer for a picnic and a play.

I have met lots of lovely ladies from school and church since arriving here and I was invited out to a craft club for Monday morning. It involves making jewellery out of fimo and is held once a month. I went along and had a great time and met some more lovely ladies plus had a nice coffee and muffin. I made the beads just using the main colours I chose although Penelope likes to point out that I did not not make the string! Here is my finished product.

On Tuesday Hannah goes to school in the afternoon as she has speech language therapy in the morning. The speech she is getting here is far superior to alot of the speech therapy she had in NZ which is great but also frustrating that there has been 11 years of wasted opportunity. The SLT actually teaches Hannah how to say the sounds correctly rather then just leaving it to chance or telling us that it will come eventually (which it never did for Hannah). It is so nice to meet a professional who believes that she can get Hannah to talk clearly with the right programme and by teaching her how to make the sounds. Only after four weeks I think it is making a difference. The other nice thing is that I don't have to go in the room with her but she does the therapy just with Hannah. The interesting thing is that because it is making a difference she practises at home anyway without me having to do it with her.

As I dropped Hannah to school at 12.30 it gave me enough time to meet James for lunch. We decided to go to the Chinese buffet just near the school. It was great although since then I have heard some negative comments about it like the food being cold but for us it was great. James even tried frogs legs!

He tried to convince me to have a taste but it made my tummy feel funny just looking at it!

The highlight of the week though was that last night we went to the English pantomime of jack and the beanstalk. There is a large expat community here and the pantomime has grown over the years from a couple of shows to a major production with 7 shows in a week. It started at 6.30pm so the children came too and it was fantastic. We sat in the front row and got to experience it all from the loud bang of the fairies fireworks to the water being squirted out of the water pistol for milk. Hannah didn.t like the baddy Slimeball and told him to go away and he heard her and growled which was funny. Hannah even had her head dusted by mrs mop. Penelope had taken along her soft toy puppy and was concerned that Slimeball was going to steal it.

Penelope's teacher was one of the main characters - granny which Penelope thought was pretty special and her singing teacher was a slave.

A great night although I think the kids may be a bit tired today!

Well it looks like it is going to be a lovely day here so I might go for a bike ride and explore our area a bit and see if I can find any more playgrounds or bakeries close by!

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  1. Your necklace looks very professional, Rachel. Could be a sideline for extra pocket money! Great to hear about Hannah's speech therapy and the fact that she is taking responsibility to practise by herself. Very hot here today - reached 35 deg at our place. And back to school tomorrow - with no air conditioning in my room! Jos. xx

  2. Looks and sounds like you all had a great and busy week - and lots of good news so that's great have a fab weekend.

  3. I was really pleased with my necklace but I followed the instructions very closely! Hopefully the weather starts to cool s little for the school going back and then is hot and sunny In the weekends! It is 17 degrees here today which is nice - almost feels like spring!