Monday, 7 January 2013

Back to school already

I have found it very unsettling that after only two weeks christmas holidays the children are back at school. It seems completely foreign to wake them up on a January morning and hurry them through their breakfast and get them to get dressed to go to school. Needless to say they weren't too thrilled either! Jasper told me that the holidays were too short and Penelope just said that she doesn't like Mondays! All of course while everyone back home is enjoying beautiful summer weather and at lakes and beaches around the country. Just as long as this time next year when we came home for christmas the weather is just as good.

As James takes the children to school it is very easy for me to waste my mornings away doing not much so I decided than rather then moping around I would start some new routines and habits. One of these new habits I want to establish is to exercise more so even though it was cold and overcast I headed off on my walk. I went down to the river and walked along the cycle way towards Plasaince de touch. It was so lovely walking along the river. France is a country of two halves though as off in the distance I could see a gorgeous huge old chateau and then I walked past a shelter made from sticks and tarpoline. Very hard to get your head around. I walked a bit further and came across a lake and playground. A great place to cycle to with the kids at some stage.

I then headed back home stopping at the bakery for an au pain raisin for my morning tea.

The other habit I want to establish is to do some quality things with Hannah in the afternoons rather then just me doing housework and her watching movies. So this afternoon she did some reading on sunshine books online then we made an apple crumble for dessert for tonight. She's currently singing along to barbie on the tv while I'm blogging. Hopefully though, soon she will be staying at school for lunch and doing some full days.

Now I just need to get on and sort out our medical cards, Hannah's disability allowance and appointments for the ENT specialist. Oh well there is always tomorrow.

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  1. Nice sounds like some good routines, kids outside 3 extra today and Im trying to get the christmas decorations away. Enjoy your walking and discovering new things!

  2. Interesting observations Rach, I wonder if they have university on-line, maybe some additions to your teaching degree? Or maybe just something crafty you enjoy? Love your blogs.