Wednesday, 24 October 2012

What a busy week...

While James has been busy at work mingling with the French Prime Minister and getting his plane ready to come home I have had excitement in my life as well with the discovery today that darling Jasper has mumps.  He woke with a sore neck on Sunday morning and we thought he might have strained it due to all the ducking and diving he had to do to avoid being hit on the head by stalactites during our caving expedition.  Then I thought maybe it was swollen glands but thought I'd see if it got better or worse so sent him to school Monday and Tuesday.  Monday he was fine but Tuesday lunchtime I get a call - while Hannah and I were out having a girlie shopping expedition - from School and I went and picked him up.

I had a name of a doctor who could speak English - whom I have met before at School about Hannah - so I rang her but the receptionist could speak no English at all so we just both hung up on each other!  I ended up getting the lovely receptionist at our hotel to ring the doctor and she found out that I didn't need an appointment as they just run an open clinic on mornings so just turn up and wait.

So this morning we head off and unfortunately the surgery has no number just a street name, so after stopping and asking a shop assistant at a pharmacy (who could speak no English but who used very good hand signals) we eventually got there!  I was expecting to wait ages but we arrived and noone else was in the waiting room so got to see her straight away.  The diagnosis was mumps, so Pamol and rest and no school for the rest of the week.  He has been invited to a sleepover birthday party on Friday so the aim is to be better for that.

On the bright side I have organised a babysitter for Friday night so we can go out with some fellow New Zealanders who are here to help James get the plane ready to fly out next Wednesday.  Plus it is School holidays next week and a much needed rest for everyone.


  1. Poor Jasper. Better to get them now than later, as in boys in teenage years they can be quite serious. Lots of rest and fluids will help heaps. Hope he is better tomorrow night for his sleepover.
    Lots of love from Nana.

  2. yes, he is a bit miserable but more upset about missing school and maybe the sleepover. The doctor said recovery was four days so hopefully he'll be better by Friday.

  3. Oh no that's no good poor Jasper - hope he is feeling better and can have his sleepover!