Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Moving day

All feeling a bit tired after a day of busyness with packers here. We are surrounded by boxes and a half packed up house. I am desperate to tidy everything up but just have to be satisfied with Cleaning cupboards.

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Location:Hemingway Pl,Christchurch,New Zealand


  1. Hope your day went well and your hotel accommodation is comfy and you had a nice meal.

  2. Hotel hotel was really lovely. Nice and big and roomy. We had a mad day cleaning yesterday and had a bit of. A rush to catch the taxi but got there in then end. Discovered that traveling with children and lots of bags is tricky so will be better organized for our international flights. We have our visas and all our flights are booked and confirmed. We fly to Auckland on Tuesday night then to Tokyo wednesday morning. We stay in Tokyo Wednesday night then to Paris and Toulouse Thursday. Willbe a long three days but good that we have day flights. We Re premium economy From Auckland then just economy from Tokyo.