Monday, 6 August 2012


After a late start ( to allow the effects of last night wear off) I drove to the medieval town of Albi. I went with one of the Emirate pilots that are staying at the hotel next door. His name is Mark and is from New Plymouth.

The drive up was quick and easy thanks to the toll roads. You really feel like you are in some sort of racing car game as the roads are smooth and fast.

We parked in the underground carpark and once out we were in the middle of a square, which had kids playing in the water fountain. It was very hot, and I did feel like stripping off and joining them, but I'm not too sure the locals would have approved.

We made our way through the narrow streets to the huge cathedral that is made out of brick. It is the biggest brick cathedral in the world.

We kept walking seeking shade as we went as it was soo hot. The town is on the banks of the river Tarn. There are three wonderful old bridges that go across it, one was built in 1040.

With the towers of the Berbie Palace, it looked very Fairy tale like. I will have to make sure that I bring P here

The views from the other side of the river were stunning. If it is this impressive, now, then it must have been even more so a thousand years ago.

Being so hot, and having walked around for quite a while, I thought that I deserved an ice cream or should I say Gelato.

The food in France is amazing and I'm sure I have put on weight. This is a lolly shop that was full of the most amazing treats.

Location:Albi .

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