Sunday, 11 May 2014

Another Peniscola blog

Here is my blog from two weeks ago which I managed to save.

Hard to believe that a week ago we were by the sea, relaxing at the beach.
Hanging out by the pool at our hotel.

We spent Tuesday morning chilling out then after lunch drove the 4km from our apartment down to the castle town of Peniscola. It was a bit cool but we soon warmed up walking up to the castle.

We hadn't brought much money with us so had a wander around the outside of the castle and decided to come back the next day instead. Peniscola is very beautiful with lots of steep, narrow streets with interesting little shops and a gorgeous view around every corner.

Hanging out with the knights of the Templer.

We got some drinks and icecreams on the way back down the hill.

The next day James headed off on his bike and the kids and I headed down to the beach - picking up a few buckets and spades at the local shop on the way.

Counting up the shells - Penelope found 200, all which came home with us!

We decided to head back to the castle in the afternoon.
Heading over the bridge to go into the castle a different way.

We were amazed at how well restored this amazing structure was.

Up the stairs to walk the ramparts. Jasper had managed to pick up a sword on the way to add to his European sword collection.

A great couple of days.

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