Tuesday, 12 February 2013

16 years

On Friday James and I had our 16th wedding anniversary. We had been out to dinner on the Wednesday night as we went to a welcome to toulouse evening at the town hall. The Toulouse town hall is the Capitol building which is a beautiful historical building in the centre of the town. It was a nice gathering with champagne and meeting other expats as well as being able to admire the beautiful surroundings without getting dragged along by children.

We decided to go out for dinner afterwards and so headed to the restaurant Le Bistrot which I had read about on trip advisor and it was highly recommended. After getting a bit lost initially we consulted google maps and found it. It was a small bistro run by a brother and sister. He was the maitre'd and waiter and she was the chef. It was a great find and had the best creme brûlée!

I had duck breast on aberguine and James had pigs trotters!

Then on Friday we went to the movies. It was the first time I had been to the movies in France and even though the movie was in VO (original version) the subtitles were in French! We saw silver lining play book which was great. Am looking forwards to going to see les miserables which comes out here tomorrow so much later then in NZ.

On Saturday James and Jasper had another go at skiing. They hired the gear locally then drove up to the field of Le mourtis in the Pyrenees just for the day. It is a much smaller field then Ax and very family friendly. The weather was good and Jasper had a lesson in the afternoon so James had two hours by himself. Jasper got going really well and enjoys skiing - he just needs to learn to turn and stop a bit more often!

The girls and I had a lovely morning at home mucking around then headed to an indoor playground after lunch. Very similar to ones in NZ and Hannah had a blast on the climbing frames and the disco! Penelope was a bit put off by all the French kids with their matching vests (if the children are in a party then they all have the same coloured vest). By the end of it though she had explored a bit and loved the little merry go round and elastic band tower.

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